Selling a Home with a Faulty Deed

One of the more unfortunate circumstances that can occur during a real estate sale is when a title company discovers that you have a faulty deed to your home during the closing process.  Up to this point in the transaction, you and a buyer have agreed on the selling price and the terms of the sale along with a closing date.  So, what do we mean by a “faulty deed” and why does this pose a problem?

A deed is typically referred to as a “Warranty Deed” which establishes legal ownership of the property.  All deeds are customarily recorded in the records of the county where the property is located so that anyone can determine who the legal owner is whenever they are researching that particular parcel.  On some occasions, a deed will get drafted improperly.  This could result from:

  • A deed being signed by the wrong individuals
  • A deed with an incorrect legal description
  • A deed with typographical errors
  • A deed with the wrong date on the transaction

In many instances, the problems with a deed go undiscovered until the sale is pending.  Attorneys and legal assistants will examine a property deed thoroughly to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes or outstanding issues in the ownership history of the property.  Because county recorders are not responsible for checking on the accuracy of a deed before it gets filed, you cannot rely on a copy of the deed, even if it’s been file-stamped.

We Can Clear Up a Faulty Deed

If a buyer has backed out of the sale of your home because of a faulty deed, Homeinc can help.  A buyer that has been working with a realtor may not have the desire or time to continue working with you until the issue is resolved.  However, Homeinc has bought numerous homes with faulty deed issues and knows what is required to resolve them.

Our cash-for-homes real estate advisors have the resources and skills needed to resolve faulty deeds, pay cash for your home and close in as little as 5 days.

In fact, Homeinc buys properties with numerous problems including code violations,  probates,  tax liens, and unwanted inherited properties just to name a few.  There are numerous benefits to selling your home to Homeinc such as convenience, flexible closing dates, no appraisals, no closing costs, no inspections, and no commissions or closing costs to pay.  Homeinc provides the peace of mind that house flippers, property investors, and realtors cannot. If you are in a hurry to sell your property for maximum cash in hand, call or text the real estate advisors at Homeinc today. (888)850-2636.


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