We Buy Homes for Cash (No Matter What Condition They’re In)

If your home is in need of extensive, costly repairs that you just don’t want to spend the money on, Homeinc will buy your home “AS-IS” for cash.  Are there roof leaks in several places, holes in the walls?  No matter what is wrong, we make selling a distressed home quick and easy.  So, what does AS-IS really mean?

Technically, when a home is listed to sell as is, it means selling it in its current condition.  The owner is not responsible for making any improvements or repairs prior to selling it.  It also means that there won’t be any negotiations with buyer for any credit to pay for these improvements or repairs.  The buyer either purchases the home in its current condition or they move on and look at other properties.

Does Your Home Have any of these Issues or Problems?

Homeinc buys homes in as is condition.  There are several issues that would categorize a home as being in as is condition.  Here are a few examples:

  • Foundation issues or structural problems – while you may not think that these are severe, they’ll be found during a home inspection and could cause the buyer to walk away from the deal. These can be expensive “fix-its” and will lead to worse in the future if they get ignored.
  • Termite damage – termites can destroy a home from the inside out and leave you in a situation where your home us uninhabitable and unsalable. Even if you’ve had pest problems in the past and resolved them, you still have to disclose this to prospective buyers.  This is another issue that often scares buyers away.
  • Water damage – whether this is caused by a leaky appliance, pipe, or roof, this issue, if left unfixed can become a migraine for homeowners. Damage is only one part of the equation.  It could lead to the growth and spread of black mold, which is toxic and can pose a threat to your health as well as your wallet.

Maybe you aren’t dealing with any of the above and that it’s a matter of needing some cosmetic updates. Unfortunately, even if these aren’t too costly, it may discourage a prospective buyer.  Furthermore, you might be required to do these restorations in the purchase agreement before the home can be sold. However, when we buy, you don’t need to get anything done.

No matter what might be holding you back from a quick sale, we have the solution.  Allow us to help you get the best deal for your home and get you paid faster! For more information call Homeinc at 888.850.2636 today.

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