Can I Sell My House As-Is Without an Inspection?


The alternative to the lengthy and often costly process of having a buyer home inspection and making all the repairs that are revealed from the inspection is to sell your house “as-is”. An as-is sale means that you are selling your home in whatever condition it presently exists. In this type of transaction, you are not responsible for making any repairs to your home no matter how extensive or costly.

Although most prospective home buyers will want to inspect your home before purchasing it to understand if any repairs need to be made and if there is substantial damage that must be rectified. They are looking for flaws both large and small, from cracked foundations and leaking roofs to problematic plumbing and faulty air-conditioning systems, broken water heaters and malfunctioning appliances. Although this process is standard and the inspection’s cost is attributed to the buyer, it can be time-consuming and expensive should the inspection reveal any repairs that the buyer feels must be made. In fact, it can slow the selling process by months as you wait for the inspection to be scheduled, receive the report from the engineer, and make expensive time-consuming repairs.  They may agree to letting you off the hook for the repairs but will want the cost of repairs taken off the price.  There is a way to sell your home quickly in “as-is” condition with Homeinc.

Selling a home as-is significantly lessens the amount of time your home would be on the market. You also are not spending money on costly, complicated, and usually lengthy home repairs. This type of transaction works especially well for homeowners who need to sell their home in a hurry, those who are selling a significantly damaged home, and those whose home is involved in the probate process.

The price that you would receive for your house from an as-is buyer may be significantly less than what a traditional buyer might be willing to pay. However, you need to evaluate that price against the costs, complexity, and time you spend carrying the home’s expenses that you would not have with an “as-is” sale. Some “as-is” buyers, like the home-buying professionals at Homeinc, will quickly and easily buy your home for cash and further lessen the burdens that selling your home in a traditional sale would have in money, time, and hassle.

Selling Your Home to Homeinc is simple, fast, and profitable

  • You receive a cash offer for your home in minutes
  • No closing costs or commissions are charged
  • You choose the closing date, which can be in as little as 5 days
  • Cash is wired directly into your bank account
  • Lienholders are paid directly and past due taxes resolved

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