Nobody wants to go through a foreclosure : 3 Things You Should know

Nobody wants to go through a foreclosure.

Are you in pre foreclosure? 3 Things You Should know

1. You are not the first person with this problem

Are you dealing with the possibility of foreclosure? Nobody wants to go through a foreclosure. Being in a position where you could lose your home is extremely stressful. You are not alone! This statement will not change your current state of affairs, but, it can help change your mindset.   It is important to remember that getting behind on a mortgage is a common problem, and you aren’t the first person to deal with it.

2. There are free resources available

Getting menacing letters in the mail from your lender is part of the process.  Nobody wants to go through a foreclosure.  The good news is you don’t have to throw money at a fancy agency to assist with your situation.  You do not have to come out of pocket to be educated. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers free housing counseling to struggling homeowners. Check out the Homeowner’s Guide to Success: What to do if you can’t pay your mortgage for a good starting point. Contact you regional HUD office so a counselor can help.

You can also contact your regional HUD office to seek help and get free housing counseling. A counselor can tell you if there are any programs available to help you out.

3. Selling for cash could be best

Lastly, regardless of market conditions selling a home is very time consuming.  You have to find a buyer, pass inspections, get an appraisal, amongst countless other things.  Do you have TIME to go through the process with your lender breathing down your neck. Remember, your credit is on the line.  Having a foreclosure on your record will definitely affect your ability to buy a home in the future.  If you’ve exhausted all options with your lender and foreclosure is imminent, selling for cash may be your best bet.  Homeinc has helped many sellers in pre foreclosure and foreclosure by purchasing their homes. There is very little hassle and things can be expedited, so you can move on with your life.  We specialize is working with sellers who are in a compromised position and want to get the highest price on their home.


Nobody wants to go through a foreclosure.  If you’re facing foreclosure, Homeinc can help! If you have any questions about your situation, contact the licensed professionals at Homeinc.  We are here to help you with all your real estate needs. Call or text the team today 1-888-850-2636.

Thomas has been working in real estate for over two years and has been a valued Homeinc advisor for the past year. Thomas is the best of the best when it comes to helping customers achieve their goals. He loves his coworkers and the dynamic work environment at Homeinc. In his free time, Thomas enjoys spending time with his fiancé, raising fruit trees and exploring new places. We are so glad that he joined the team this year!!

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